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Travel Tips: In-Flight Beauty Secrets

It is not easy to travel and look great at the same time. You can’t lug your entire beauty case with you, and there’s also a limit to things you can bring on board. Luckily though, there are many travel-sized grooming items in the market nowadays, so invest in a couple, or get empty jars for your favorite products. Flying is never kind to your skin… more so if you have dry skin (like I do)– and with the constant traveling, it does take its toll. However, I’ve followed some beauty routines whenever I fly, and it’s helped me feel better while flying, and look good when I arrive. A little prep goes a long way.


1. Hydrate
The air in the plane is very dry, so drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Don’t be shy to ask the fight attendants for more.

2. Make-up
Flying with make-up is bad for your skin. If you can’t leave home bare-faced, apply some moisturizer with a light tan, or BB or CC cream. You can leave it on throughout your flight.

3. Cleanse
For long haul flights, be sure to clean off your makeup before you sleep. I use makeup wipes; to remove my makeup or just to cleanse my face during and after flights. Don’t use the water in the toilets– it’s dirty.

4. Moisturize
The lack of oxygen in the plane will dry up the skin. So moisturise as much as you can– facial serum, body lotion, eye cream, lip balm… you can do it while watching a movie on the flight, and slowly take your time.

5. Hair
Sitting on the seat for a long period of time may either give you flat hair, or wild static hair– my hair has its moods. The best way to combat that is to tie it up into a loose bun or low ponytail. Also, to give it some shine, put some leave-in conditioner before going on the flight, and use dry shampoo to shape it when you land. Don’t forget to bring a hair brush or comb!

6. Landing
Spray on some face mist to wake you up or perk up your tired complexion. It helps hydrate your skin too. Put it in a small sprayer and spritz it on anytime.

7. Reapply Makeup
You want to step off the plane looking good, so touch-up or reapply your makeup. If you can, stick to your bare necessities– for me, its cream blusher, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil. Bring along a small mirror, or you can make a quick visit to the bathroom before landing.

8. Neck Pillows
I never travel without my neck pillow. It allows me to sleep a little more comfortably during flights, and avoid the neck or back pain from sleeping in the wrong position. The neck pillow also prevents my hair from rubbing against the material on the plane seats– so my hair doesn’t get static.

9. Circulate
Get a good rest, and make sure you get up and move about the cabin a couple of times throughout the flight, especially after eating. This is to keep the blood flowing and prevent bloating and swelling.

10. Sunglasses
If nothing works and you still feel like crap after a long uncomfortable flight (it happens), put on a pair of designer sunglasses and strut out of the plane like a celebrity.


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