Why I Won’t Quit My Job to Travel the World

I have read countless articles of travelers leaving everything behind to explore the world. Articles like “How I Quit My Job to Travel the World” has appeared countless times on my feed; and honestly, sometimes, it makes me feel a little jealous and helpless– so I’d ask myself, why can’t I do it too?


I love to travel– the wanderlust runs deep within my veins. Every couple of weeks, I’d up and get away somewhere; to explore, see new things, meet new people… looking for my next big adventure. If I don’t, I’d be restless and uneasy. So sometimes, I do feel as if traveling for a long period of time would make me happy– but on second thought, will it?

After recently reading yet another blog post calling out to future travelers to get out and travel the world; I decided to sit down and figure out why I am not one of them. There are reasons why I haven’t just upped and left yet, despite having the capability and finances to do so.

So with much soul searching, I came up with this post. It is to remind myself, and other wanderlusters out there who are still keeping their full-time jobs– that it is okay. It has nothing to do with being in your comfort zones, or not being courageous, or not taking a chance. And here’s why:-

1. It’s not easy to find something you love doing

There are some of us who are lucky enough to have a job that we actually love. I am fortunate to be one of them. I like the feeling of accomplishment in what I do, and caring about doing it well. I like feeling appreciated by my clients, having colleagues as best friends and striving to be better along the way.

A job doesn’t have to be something that you want to leave– it could also bring you joy, meaning… and well, the money you need to travel.

2. The things that matter back home

Some of us have responsibilities back home– a family to take care of, parents to look after, or even a company that needs you there. And to me, responsibilities and relationships are just as important. I want to be there for what is meaningful in my life and the people I care about; be present for the moments, be around to strengthen bonds, and be there for the good and bad times.

But most of all, I know if I leave for a long long time, I will miss my family and friends, and I will miss home.

3. I don’t have to be a full time traveler to see the world

Nothing is set in stone. Yes, the thought of traveling the world for years and years is exciting and exhilarating. Yes, many travelers are doing it with beautiful Instagram posts to show for it. Yes, they are encouraging you to do it too. But that is not the only way to explore and experience the world. I can always utilize my vacation time for my adventures, or find a job that allows me to travel– like blogging or writing.

There is no right or wrong in travel, different people do it differently and we can all travel how we like.

4. I want a little luxury with my travels

When I travel, I want to have the choice to stay in a world-class resort, have dinner at the most posh restaurant in town, and do the most exciting activity that is probably a little too expensive. I don’t have to, but I want to have the option to choose.

A little luxury is nice– I don’t want to have to work when I travel, I don’t want to worry about my bank account balance, or stay in the dingiest hostel in the city. I have read many a travel horror story, and those are not situations I want to be in. Of course, I still love backpacking and roughing it out, but some extra comfort wouldn’t hurt, would it?

5. Why rush it?

Traveling is not a game of numbers– it is not how many countries or cities you’ve visited. You can always see the world at your own pace. Do it while you’re young, but you can also do it when you’re old with enough time and money to spare.

Take time to plan each and every trip. The fun in planning a trip and the anticipation of an upcoming holiday are what keeps me going, and keeps life exciting. Sometimes, we look forward a little bit more to the things that don’t come as often as we wish it could.


I travel just the way I like to. I don’t have to quit my job to enjoy the world, I’m enjoying it my way and I know that after every adventure, I have a job and the people I love waiting for me back home. I have learned not to be jealous of people who travel full-time (despite those gorgeous pictures)– because they have their own journey to take, and I have mine. We have different priorities in life, and I am not any less courageous to not do what they do.

There is no one way to travel, and however you decide do it; enjoy it, savor it, experience it. They are your memories to keep.

Would you or would you not quit your job to travel the world? Tell me what you think.

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  1. I really love your outlook on this situation! Like you, I work full time at a job I love, but I also love to travel. At times, it gets difficult to convince myself that quitting my job to travel is not the right thing to do but sometimes it’s what I really want. Although, then I think about several of the points you emphasised above and i remember that I’m incredibly fortunate to get to see the world AND maintain a comfortable lifestyle/job. Now, that’s not to say that I won’t quit my job to travel for a few years at some point, but I know I’ll always come back and settle into the reality of a job and family with travel as something to look forward to. I firmly believe travel is a mindset, you could “travel” just a couple hours from home but it’s still an adventure. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • I agree that no matter where you go or how long– even if its just a few hours away from home; an adventure is an adventure! Travel could even mean traveling where we are! 🙂 Thanks for reading and thanks for sharing your take on it too!

  2. Good thoughts. I struck a balance by working (in my field) abroad which has worked out well. I don’t think the hostel/constantly traveling lifestyle would have worked for me.

  3. I agree with what you have written here. Why do we have to be so “poor” to experience new things while traveling say eating light while traveling when we could have the cash to spend. Well, couldn’t agree more to have a job & choose to travel once in a while. Short trip with more places to go, locally or oversea.



  4. Mynn.. Your friend here just got the time to read your blog., And I love this one especially..Spot on on “4. I want a little luxury with my travels”! Post more..Love reading it

  5. Love this post and your points ring a bell to me. Perhaps another thought to add to this; I have attempted to travel full time after being done with uni (gap-year as we call it in Australia). The first few months of doing it was great, but after some time, waking up in a new city every other day doesn’t sound as exhilarating as it initially does. The countless new people you meet morphs into ‘just another traveler passing by’. At that point I realized that the novelty of traveling full time has worn off, so I decided to go back and get myself a job. Working full time now and still maintaining my trips regularly, I find that the balance has been struck. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

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