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Sliq Clinic: Off with Those Sun Spots with the MedLite Pigment Treatment

My skin has always been prone to sun spots and freckles. I think it runs in the family, but made worse with the constant exposure to the sun for most of my life. It may have been cute when I was younger (and I was even proud of it for a while); but now that I’m older, the spots not only seem more prominent, but are increasing as well due to the constant traveling, diving and sun-bathing. They make my skin look much older than I actually am! Because of that, I decided to get them checked out.


My Freckles Situation
I did my ‘freckles’ consultation at Sliq Clinic with Dr Steve (you can read more about this aesthetics center at the bottom of the post). During the session, the doctor informed me that most of my ‘freckles’ are actually pigmented lesions that protrude a little from my skin. These pigmented lesions are formed when the melanin concentrates too much on one spot on my skin due to the overexposure of the sun.

After an initial skin assessment session and looking at extremely close-up pictures of my skin, I noticed that the left side of my face had much more spots compared to my right side. It looked extremely severe to me (and I was slightly frightened by it) — but the doctor assured me that it is normal, and… (this is the most important part of all), they can definitely be removed!

Sliq Clinic

The entrance of Sliq Clinic, at Oasia Square in Ara Damansara.

The MedLite Pigment Treatment
I was recommended the MedLite Pigment Treatment that can help remove my unwanted pigments and sun spots after a couple of treatments. The treatment features a PhotoAcoustic Technology — this is a special technology that uses the wavelength of light to shatter the pigments and break up the melanin that forms it. This then lightens and eventually, removes the dark spots. In easier terms, it just means that the freckles on my face can be slowly be removed with a few sessions of laser treatments.

During my first treatment, I was given a quick facial session before being taken into the treatment room. Dr Steve did my treatment for me — my eyes were covered with an eye patch, and all I could see were the lights of the laser as they slowly shattered by pigments. The laser stung quite a bit (like being pinched with clothes-pegs); and as it got more painful as the session went on, some ice were applied to my skin to lessen the discomfort. My session lasted about 10-15 minutes.

Sliq Clinic

Getting my skin analyzed to measure my treatment progress.

After the First Treatment
My skin was a little red and puffy after the treatment but it slowly subsided after a couple of hours. I was left with dark brownish spots on the places where my freckles were; however, the scabby-looking scars eventually disappeared after a couple of days. They were a little itchy sometimes, so I used the cream that was given to me by the clinic for moments like that.

The doctor told me that I may need about 3-4 sessions of the MedLite Pigment Treatment before I can see obvious results. I noticed that after a week or so after my first treatment, my freckles seemed a little lighter — so I really can’t wait to see the results at the end of the entire treatment. Here’s an ongoing treatment update after three sessions:- Sliq Clinic: Clearer Skin with the MedLite Pigment Treatment.

Sliq Clinic

MedLite laser treatment underway, done by Dr Steve himself.

A Little Bit about Sliq Clinic
Sliq Clinic an aesthetic medical clinic located in the Malaysian state of Selangor in Ara Damansara. Opened since 2015, it offers various skin and beauty treatments with FDA-approved products from the USA.

The clinic is run by Dr Steve Chia, a qualified physician; and what I like about my visits so far, is that Dr Steve always explains the treatments, as well as the needs of my skin in the most detailed way possible. This helps put me at ease, because like most of us, I can get pretty anxious when leaving my ‘face’ in someone’s hands!

Sliq Clinic

After first laser treatment — the amount of spots on both left and right sides of my face.

Sliq Clinic
F 1-19, Oasis Village,
Jalan PJU 1A/7A, Ara Damansara,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: +6 017 – 277 5580 | +6 03 – 7831 6893
Facebook: Sliq Clinic | Twitter/Instagram: @sliqclinic

*She Walks the World receives beauty treatments from Sliq Clinic; but as always, all opinions stated here are my own.

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