Vlog #5: A Luxury Stay at The Chateau on Berjaya Hills

And then I went to a make believe castle, to have a make believe fairy tale, as a make believe princess. The Chateau in Malaysia’s very own hill resort of Berjaya Hills provided such a lovely location for me to play out my imagination like a little girl — running down its winding staircase, dancing in front of the romantic glasshouse, and dressing up in a pretty garden. So here’s a vlog of the time I spent in my own make believe world — thanks for watching, and don’t forget to like and subscribe to m channel!

Find out more about my fairy tale staycation at The Chateau here.

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  1. I plan to bring my family here next year if the situation with Covid improves and I am glad that I found your blog on The Chateau. It’s so comprehensive and helpful. The info here complements well with the info that I found on the Chateau’s website.

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