Vlog #11: Journey to Japan’s Volcanic Mount Aso


I got to stand and watch the volcanic Mount Aso spewing white smoke into the air from a distance — and journey within the caldera of one of the largest active volcanoes not only in Japan, but the world. In this video, we also visited a beautiful flower farm and the highest pedestrian-only suspension bridge in Japan near the Kuju Mountains; and then spent the night in the most adorable dome houses at the Aso Farm Land Resort. And because we were so close to an active volcano, we got to soak in a volcanic onsen too! So here’s the vlog on this league of my journey on the island of Kyushu, Japan — the second part of a five-part vlog series on a trip with Parlo Tours. Thanks for taking the time to watch, and do subscribe for updates and share it with someone you know who’s heading to Kyushu soon!

More details about my adventures in Aso here.

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