Vlog #33: Above the Clouds in Khao Kho, Thailand (Part 2)

The main reason of my visit to Khao Kho was to witness the spectacular “Sea of Clouds” at the top of Phu Thap Buek Mountain…. and I absolutely did. In this second part of my two-part vlog series of Khao Kho — I spent my morning admiring the beautiful cluster of candy-floss clouds below me; and then getting my breath taken away again by the mosaic beauty of Pha Sorn Kaew Temple. I also had an amazing time exploring the grounds of the resort that I had the pleasure of staying in — the Blue Sky Resort Khao Kho. Join me as I continue my exploration on Khao Kho in this vlog… thanks for watching and do like and subscribe to my video and channel for more of my travel adventures!

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