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It’s SIXPACK by Aik Cheong Coffee (Review)

I love my coffee. It used to be the go-to morning drink to get me started through the day, and then a midday break to get me going, and a sort-of sundowner to get me winding down after a long day. Even during my travels, I’ll always look for a local cuppa to begin the day of adventures! However, ever since my pregnancy and while breastfeeding now, I have cut down on coffee significantly. While I still need my day’s cuppa (of course), I really like that Aik Cheong Coffee offers a whole range of not only coffee — but flavours like Teh Tarik (the Malaysian ‘pulled’ tea), and Hot Chocolate. Lots of options to last me through the day!

Aik Cheong Coffee

Aik Cheong Coffee

Aik Cheong Coffee has been around for a long long time — since 1955. That’s 65 years of a long history brewing coffee for us Malaysians. Throughout the years, the coffee brand has evolved with the times; and while still offering the traditional flavours like Kopi-O (black coffee), 3-in-1 Coffee Mix, Hainan Coffee, White Coffee and the likes; they also provide options for other favourites like Teh Tarik, Hot Chocolate Malt drinks, and even Instant Oatmeal Cereal.

Coffee nowadays is not only a drink, but a lifestyle — and Aik Cheong Coffee has definitely gone with the flow. They have introduced something modern, innovative and with-the-times, while keeping it’s signature nostalgia. The ‘new’ IT’S SIXPACK range of products provides not one, but six sachet drinks to be enjoyed by friends and family — and it comes in 4 different flavours. There’s also the IT’S Coffee series that gives you a quick pick-me-up drink with a variety of choices, and the IT’S GRANOLA cups that are perfect for an on-the-go healthy snack. With all these selections (and more from their other range of products), generations of Malaysians have been enjoying the great taste of coffee at home.

My selection of Aik Cheong Coffee products – the IT’S SIXPACK series, the IT’S coffee range, and the IT’S GRANOLA products.

IT’S More Than Just Coffee

The “IT’s More Than Just” coffee range comes in convenient hand-held cups to make it possible to have my cuppa wherever and whenever. With 6 variety of flavours to choose from — I can choose the drink I want, depending on the mood I’m in! I can have my morning Flat White on-the-go, and then just rest and relax in the evening with a cup of Chocolate Marshmallows. The cups also come in bright and refreshing colours that is sure to cheer up my day. IT’S fun, IT’S trendy, and IT’S so easy for me to bring around my daily drink.

Here are the 6 types of drinks available:-

  • IT’S Flat White Extra Shot – for that morning caffeine fix.
  • IT’S Cappuccino Choco Topping – to spice up your coffee time.
  • IT’S Teh Tarik Gula Melaka – for your daily sweet dose.
  • IT’S Long Black Extra Shot – to boost up your energy.
  • IT’S Macha Latte Nata De Coco – for a little perk-me-up after a long day.
  • IT’S Chocolate Marshmellow – cause who doesn’t love this combi?
Aik Cheong Coffee’s IT’S More Than Just coffee range.
Pick your flavour, and enjoy your drink!

IT’S Granola

Absolutely love their granola range! I’m all up for a healthy morning snack/breakkie — and it’s almost similar to what I prepare for my baby every morning, which means we can have the same breakfast! Their granola is made of natural ingredients, is high in fibre and protein, and has no artificial flavouring and added refined sugar. It can be enjoyed on its own, with yogurt, with a splash of milk, and even with my favourite berries (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries). I’d say this superfood-in-a-cup will be perfect to bring along during my travels for a quick meal on-the-go.

It comes in two flavours:-

  • IT’S GRANOLA Mixed Berries
  • IT’S GRANOLA Mixed Fruit and Nuts
Aik Cheong Coffee
Aik Cheong Coffee
How sweet are these pastel colours.

IT’S SixPack

This is Aik Cheong Coffee’s newest coffee trend, the IT’S SERIES – IT’S SIXPACK range. We can now all create a little cafe at home by personalising our drinks all throughout the day. Its packed in convenient hand-held sachets and comes in a trendy box, and you can immediately prepare your instant beverage in an easy 1-2-3 step process (with the option to adjust it to your taste by adding or omitting the ingredients). It’s great that each box comes in packs of 6 so that we can share it with friends and family; and with 4 different flavours that goes with different times of the day.

Here’s an example of when to enjoy the four IT’S SIXPACK flavours:-

  • 8.00am – Rise and shine! It’s time for your morning strong coffee fix with IT’S White Coffee Salted Gula Melaka.
  • 12.00pm – Work load getting to you? Time for a midday break by enjoying a IT’S Cappuccino Choco Topping.
  • 5.00pm – It’s lepak time! What better way to enjoy your curry puff and kuih than with IT’S Teh Tarik Gula Melaka.
  • 9.00pm – A nightcap before bed? Isn’t it great to wind-down with a cuppa IT’S CHOCOLATE MARSHMALLOW.
Aik Cheong Coffee IT'S SIXPACK
The all new Aik Cheong Coffee’s IT’S SIXPACK.

IT’S SIXPACK – White Coffee Salted Gula Melaka
White Coffee Salted Gula Melaka premix and freeze dried coffee

What better way to begin the day than with a nostalgic local Malaysian flavour? The IT’S White Coffee Salted Gula Melaka provides a rich taste with the creamy, authentic and aromatic White Coffee blended with the deep smoky caramelized and nutty taste of the Salted Gula Melaka (Malacca originated sugar). Gula Melaka’s wholesome sugar that is naturally low in GI makes it a healthier alternative for the coffee lovers. The day is off to a great start!

IT'S SIXPACK White Coffee
IT’S SIXPACK White Coffee Salted Gula Melaka.

IT’S SIXPACK – Cappuccino Choco Topping
Cappuccino premix, choco topping and brown sugar

Oh how I love my cappuccino. It’s the perfect pick-me-upper or break time coffee, especially when I want to get away for a little while — from work, or taking care of the baby, or the stresses of life. Best part about the IT’S SIXPACK Cappuccino Choco Topping is of course, the choco topping. Instant cafe feels! I also have the choice of either skipping, or adding the brown sugar for my perfect cuppa joe.

IT’S SIXPACK Cappuccino Choco Topping.

IT’S SIXPACK – Teh Tarik Gula Melaka
Teh Tarik Gula Melaka premix and Nata de Coco

For me, the perfect tea time meal includes all my favourite Malaysian nyonya kuih, potato curry puffs, and an aromatic cup of Teh Tarik. The IT’S SIXPACK Teh Tarik Gula Melaka not only completes my home-based tea time, it also enhances it with that delicious and oh-so-sweet-and-crunchy Nata de Coco in my drink. I can spend my evening relaxing, lepak-ing and snacking in sheer bliss.

IT'S SIXPACK Teh Tarik Gula Melaka
IT’S SIXPACK Teh Tarik Gula Melaka

IT’S SIXPACK – Chocolate Marshmallow
Chocolate premix, marshmallows and brown sugar

After a long long day — isn’t it great to wind down with a wonderful cup of hot chocolate? The IT’S SIXPACK Chocolate Marshmallows even comes with little cute marshmallows as toppers! All these sweetness in a cup will definitely make all your day’s troubles melt away like sugar. I’d say it’ll be even better when it’s a cold rainy day, and you’re all wrapped up in a cozy blanket and watching your favourite show on Netflix. Perfect end to the day!

IT'S SIXPACK Chocolate Marshmallow
IT’S SIXPACK Chocolate Marshmallow.

How to Prepare Your IT’S SixPack

And here’s a video on how to prepare all four of your favourite IT’S SIXPACK flavours. Which one is your pick?

Spoilt for choice with my range of Aik Cheong Coffee products.

Shop for Your IT’S More Than Just Coffee, IT’S Granola and IT’S SixPack

All available at major offline stores like AEON Big, Giant and Mydin;
as well as online stores like Shopee and Lazada.

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