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Carina’s New Green Tea Products at AEON Big and AEON Wellness Outlets

At this day and age, it is extremely important for me to carry around tissue products everywhere I go and travel — especially facial tissues and antibacterial wet wipes. I guess it has become a habit; a good one I would like to assume, that I clean and wipe most of the things I come in contact with when I am outside.

And so here’s introducing Carina, a Malaysian tissue manufacturer renowned for its high-quality, soft, durable, and strong tissue products that are great for everyday usage — and for me to bring around everywhere! Their products are made from 100% virgin pulp, and the brand offers a wide range of family-friendly products, which includes facial tissue, wet wipes, kitchen towels, as well as facial cotton and cotton buds.

Green Tea Scent TissueNewly Launched

Carina has recently launched a new product line, the latest Green Tea Scent Tissue. This series, which features beautiful green packaging; is formulated with a refreshing green tea scent that provides a calming and focusing sensation, without causing irritation to sensitive skin area. This line of Carina Wallet Tissue and Carina Hankerchiefs Tissue is perfect for personal and family use, as its compact size makes it easy to take with you anywhere, and everywhere.

The Carina new Green Tea series tissue.
Loving the green packaging choices from Carina.

Lavender Series – Carina’s Fast Selling Products

The fast selling items in Carina’s Lavender series are the Carina Wallet Tissue and Carina Soft Pack Facial Tissue. They are both designed for on-the-go convenience, and can be carried anywhere and everywhere. Both the tissue wipes are fragrance-free and comes with antibacterial properties. Carina also carries the premium kitchen towel that can handle any mess in the kitchen (and anywhere else) at an affordable price, and the Carina Cotton series are perfect for medical and beauty purposes, as it is 100% pure cotton.

The Carina Wallet Tissue and Carina Soft Pack Facial Tissue in the Lavender series.

Carina is Available at AEON BIG and AEON Wellness Outlets Now

Carina products are now available at AEON BIG and AEON Wellness outlets. There’s also an ongoing RAYA special offer (in conjunction with Malaysia’s 2023 Hari Raya Celebrations), so what better time than to try out the Carina products for yourself. Choose Carina for the softness, durability and strength of their products that you can rely on everyday — to clean, wipe, and disinfect!

The Carina products.
Carina Lavender series, Green Tea tissues and cotton series.

Visit Carina and AEON’s Official Platforms here:-

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