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Travel Tips: What to Bring on a Flight for Convenience and Comfort

In recent years, I have been flying quite a lot. And I’ll be honest here, long haul flights are not exactly one of my favorite things about traveling — the shorter journeys are perhaps a little more bearable. To pass the time, other than trying to sleep, I spend the rest of my waking moments checking the time and counting down the hours and minutes until I arrive.

To make the flights a little more comfortable (and convenient), I have a list of things that I bring with me in my carry-on luggage, or my handbag. I’ve also traveled with many seasoned travelers on my journeys, and I’ve included some of their must-brings in the list too. Here’s sharing it with you.


1. USB Cable Charger
I admit that I need my iPhone everywhere I go. That’s why the USB cable charger is the very first thing I put in my bag. Most planes now have USB plugs at every seat — and that helps ensure your mobile devices never run low on battery so you’ll always have your entertainment, and your camera!

2. Power Bank (Battery Pack)
Sometimes, the planes might not have USB plugs and you’ll need a power bank to recharge your mobile devices. So it’s best to be ready. Do remember though, that most airlines only allow one power bank to be brought as carry-on (check-in is not allowed); it also depends on capacity (in Wh) so check beforehand.

3. Extra Layers
If you’re traveling at night, the airplane cabin can get chilly. Some flights provide blankets, but more often than not, it doesn’t keep me warm enough. So if you can’t take the cold as well, pack a sweater, jacket or a scarf (and socks too, if needed) to keep warm.

4. Pen
Many countries require you to fill out an arrival card with your basic information upon arrival. Most of the time, these forms are given out in-flight — so it’s very handy to have a pen to fill it out. You can still do it at the airport counter, but of course, it’ll save you time if you get it done earlier.

5. Address of Where You’re Staying
This is related to the above point on the arrival card you have to fill. One of the things you may have to list is where you’re staying, and that includes the address. So having all the necessary details will save you all the stress and hassle of finding the information. This also includes other important information like passport and flight details.

6. Sweets or Snacks
I have trouble equalizing during take-offs and landings, so if you have a similar problem with ear popping, pack some sweets or gum with you to help you ease the pressure. And if you want to bring simple snacks on-board, be mindful of the foodstuff you can or cannot bring into your destination, and stay away from those strong smelling food.

7. Empty Water Bottle
It is important to always stay hydrated during a flight because of the dry cabin air. However, you cannot bring liquids through security if is above 30ml/1oz, and that includes water and beverages. So bring along an empty water bottle, and fill it up with water after you clear security, or in the plane. Those small cups they serve in-flight are never enough.

8. Travel Pillow
Having a travel pillow will help you sleep a little more comfortable during flights, and avoid the neck or back pain from sleeping in the wrong position. I always have my neck pillow with me, which can also be used as a little bolster (if I get a row of seats all to myself).

9. Eye Mask and Ear Plugs
I can easily sleep through loud noises and bright lights, so I don’t use these. However, if you can’t, the eye mask and ear plugs (or noise cancelling earphones) will come in handy, especially if you want a peaceful rest. Airplane engine noises are pretty loud, and your neighbor might be too.

10. Beauty Essentials (for the Ladies)
Beauty essentials and toiletries are important to ensure that you’ll feel and look good before, during and after a flight. I cannot travel without my makeup, wet wipes, moisturizers, comb and toothbrush! Read more about in-flight beauty routines here:- In-Flight Beauty Secrets.

Flight Time

A comfortable flight gets me all ready for my adventures as soon as I arrive.

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