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IST Dive Gear in Malaysia (Ad)

Being an avid diver, I am always particular with the dive equipment I use. When I first started diving, I thought I’d rather own my own dive gear than rent them; so before even raking up my 10th dive, I bought the entire set… in blue! I really don’t have a particular brand that I stick too — so far I have a mixture of brands from the well-known Scuba Pro and Aqualung, to newer brands like Dive System.

IST Dive

The IST dive gear brand from Taiwan has been around for almost 40 years, and is now available online in Malaysia at via the sole distributor Tom Manas Technologies. There’s currently a 35% discount on all their products from now till the 31st December 2017. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t own any IST equipment — but looking at the awesome promotion, and the ease of obtaining these new gears, I might be looking at some spanking new dive stuff soon!

IST has also launched their 2018 collection and here are some of the IST products available, from BCDs to regulators, mask, fins, wetsuits and even accessories like torches and dive bags. Let’s take a look.



The Hope jacket style BCD costs RM1,260 and comes in XXS-XL sizes. IST also has a another BCD product, Mercury, at a higher range of RM1,580 that has extra space with a durable 420D TPU coated Nylon shell.


IST Regs

This R-860 flagship diaphragm regulator costs RM1,100, the front-runner in IST’s regulator range. The other product in this range is the flowthrough-piston regulator at RM760; as well as the colorful adjustable octopus at RM430 and the small low profile octopus at only RM260.


IST Gauge

The IST mini two gauge console costs RM600; and comes with a mini writing slate at the back. I’ve got my eye on that ridiculously cute white gauge — it will definitely go very well with my blue dive gears!


IST Wetsuit

IST has a whole range of dive suits and rash guards to suit the fashion savvy diver. I thought I’d feature this blue and black diving jumpsuit that’s selling for RM415. There are other options as well, ranging from shorties, jackets and pants — and IST even has a selection of camouflaged hoodies and jumpsuit that are suitable for spearfishing, complete with a chest gun-loading pad and kevlar kneepads.


IST Masks

Masks and Fins
Then of course comes the masks and fins. This M-100 panorama mask comes in a myriad of colors and cost RM140. There is a lower range of colorful single lens masks at RM90; and also a pro-ear mask that helps with underwater equalization at RM280. Rainbow colored snorkels complete the set at RM30-50 per piece. As for fins, the high range fins from IST are in the RM200 range; while the ones with foot pockets are selling for RM68.


IST Torch


IST also has a whole range of accessories, which includes bags, drybags, torches, surface marker buoys, clips and holders, fog sprays, underwater notepads, shakers, reels, pointers and gear parts. The T-50 Lumo-LED torch featured above costs RM400.



So far, I’m absolutely loving some of the dive products from IST with its myriad of colors (I’m looking at blue, of course), and would definitely love to test them out! Prices for the IST dive gears are pretty affordable and doesn’t weigh too heavily on the wallet; and with the additional 35% discount on all their products from now till the 31st December 2017 — if you’re thinking of a whole new set of dive equipment, now’s the time! For more pricing details and IST products available for purchase, head on to

The brand recently had its physical launch in Malaysia. Here is a video of the event, which they reviewed and tested the equipement on site. Check it out!



A 35% discount on all IST products on runs from now until 31st December 2017; so head on to the website to purchase your dive gear! For more information on IST, visit IST Malaysia.

*The discount stated in this post is only valid in Malaysia till 31st December 2017.

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