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Mynn’s Top 10 Essential Travel Gadgets

As a constant traveler, I do have a whole bag-full of gadgets that I definitely have to lug along with me no matter how long or how far I travel. Sometimes I pick and choose (because it does get a little too heavy), but most of the time I feel as if I need each and every one of them to get by. So here is a list of my favorite travel gadgets (that I have been using up until 2017, and will probably use in 2018 too) — for memories, for work, for convenience, for fun, and (sometimes) for my sanity.


1. iPhone

This has got to be that one gadget that I never let out of my sight. I need it for my photos, to get in touch, and to go online. I currently take almost all the photos on my blog on my iPhone 7plus — I love that it’s big and clear enough for me to do instant editing, and I don’t think I’ll be changing it to the more current iPhones yet.

2. GoPro

I travel solo alot, and I think that the GoPro is the perfect gadget to help me get wide-angle videos that capture everything, and great selfies. It is also my go-to camera for my underwater adventures; and all other sorts of activities — which ranges from me jumping off a cliff, to the more mundane things like… walking. I’m still stuck on my GoPro HERO4, it has been serving me well all these years of travel.

3. Camera

The camera comes as my third choice for photos because I like to travel light, so it does get a little too heavy to bring around. But in most cases, I do my bring my camera along because it helps take certain photos that my other gadgets can’t — i.e. night shots. I have been using the Panasonic Lumix GF2 the past few years.

4. Laptop

I carry my laptop with me everywhere I travel — it always has a nice little place on the desk in my hotel room. I tend to work and blog on-the-go quite a lot, and checking and replying emails is always easier from the laptop. Oh, and it’s great to watch movies on budget flights too. I currently use the 13″ MacBook Air, so it is not too bulky to carry around, and can easily fit into my handbag.


5. Foldable Bags and Pillows

Foldable stuff are not exactly gadgets — but they magically take so little space yet give me so much more storage that I just had to include them in. Some of my favorite items are my foldable suede travel bag (it gives me more space for shopping!), my Aonijie 20L army green foldable backpack, and my Naturehike inflatable pillow that folds down into a small ball. They are so easy to bring everywhere! Find my favorite foldable items (and all sorts of cool outdoor equipment) at PTT Outdoor.

6. Universal Adapter

One of the most essential gadgets for a traveler is the universal adapter; and it has to be a universal adapter with many USB ports. Nowadays, we have just too many electronic gadgets to charge; and at certain hostels, you’re only provided with one charging port. I have yet to find a universal adapter that I like (I have bought so many) — so if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comment section below.

7. Portable Speaker

For those times when I am in my hotel room all alone, or when I am admiring beautiful views by myself… heck, even when I am with a big group of friends gathered around a bonfire — it’s great to have some music accompaniment. This is where a speaker comes in handy. I carry my trusty Sony SRS-XB10 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with me everywhere I go — it is perfect to bring on my adventures because it is compact, wireless, splash-proof, and comes with EXTRA BASS!

8. Earphones

I have to admit that I am not really fond of earphones, but for those times that I can’t put my songs on the speaker — the earphones do it. It also works for when you’re in a crowded place and just want to be left alone. I recently got the Apple AirPods and it’s the best thing ever because well, no dangly wires!

Toshiba Memory Products

9. External Hard Disks and Pen Drives

In the event that I run out of space during my travels (most unlikely, but it can happen) to store my photographs and videos; I will always have with me an external hard disk (or pen drive when I am on shorter trips) for that emergency storage. The one I am currently using is the Toshiba Canvio Ready, which comes equipped with a shock sensor that helps prevents damage to the disk and protects all my data when I am on the go — especially since I am probably the clumsiest person ever!

10. Toshiba MicroSD Cards

Last but not least, I think this has got to be the most important one of all — because without my SD and microSD cards, I will not be able to capture any pictures or videos and store them at all! I usually use the Toshiba microSD cards for my GoPro as they are engineered for high-action sports; and is water, shock and x-ray proof. They are also specialised for 4K and full HD recording so my pictures will always come out clear and beautiful. With that, I could easily use it with my GoPro and camera and bring it underwater, surfing and for most of my adventure activities (which is going to be a whole lot this year with my #adventureofthemonth2018 challenge)!

The microSD card is also great as a memory storage tool — it’s super small and easy to keep, so I can easily bring it around to store all my photographs and videos during my travels. I’ve been on countless travels using just that one card that is teeny weeny in size, but huge in space! Find out more about Toshiba Memory products here.

Luang Prabang

All my gadgets help me capture memories like this! -Kuangsi Falls, Luang Prabang-

*She Walks the World was assigned to write a review on several products on this post. However, as always, all opinions (of that and other non-assigned product choices) stated here are my own.

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