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My Passport to Brag with FlyKLIA (Ad)

I love traveling. I love the frenzy of packing my bags, the excitement of getting on the plane and arriving in an unknown corner of the world, and the thrill of exploring and eating my way through a whole new place. I love the entire process and the after-feel, and I absolutely enjoy the research process — reading up about a new city, understanding its culture, and building up the anticipation. And finally, I relish the feeling of writing about my travels and adventures.

Of course, my blog is my outlet to write about my travels in the hopes of helping fellow travelers out there. But I also need to do my research (and bookings) on places that I have yet to discover — and I rely on books, blogs and online sites for that. Recently, I discovered


What is FlyKLIA?
FlyKLIA is a social network platform (powered by Skyscanner) by Malaysia Airports specially made for travelers by travelers. It’s a great one-stop center to do all things travel — I can book flight tickets, arrange transportation, and find lots of places to stay (some pretty unconventional ones too). And for travel inspirations and research purposes, there are plenty of new articles every month, which are submitted by other travelers to the platform — from vacations and family holidays, to business trips and even experiences at the airport.

I recently created an account on FlyKLIA as well, and shared my travel experiences and stories on the platform — another online space (apart from this blog!) for me to try and inspire other travelers out there. And by doing just that, I achieved ‘My Passport to Brag’!


What is My Passport to Brag?
FlyKLIA recently launched ‘My Passport to Brag’, which is a contest that encourages everyone out there to brag about their vacation(s) to win awesome prizes. How cool is that? You get to not only share about the fun you had on your holidays with lots of pictures — you also get to be in the running to win (perhaps, another holiday?), and also get rewarded (will tell you more about that later in this post) for your efforts.

It’s pretty simple to take part, here’s all you need to do:-
1) Register yourself at


2) Write and share pictures about your trip.


3) Like the Malaysia Airports FB page.
4) Share your article on FB.


5) Finally, get lots of your friends to share it too (because the most shares win)!
The contest runs from now till 6th March 2018, and don’t forget to read up the terms and conditions on the website.
If you need a little inspiration, do check out my article on Monaco at – and help me share it on FB too!

There are three prizes up for grabs — the Grand Prize is return flight tickets; the First Runner-up gets a Deluxe room @ Sama-Sama Hotel KLIA for two; and Airport fast track service for the Second Runner Up. However, if you don’t win, don’t fret. There’s also the ‘Instant Gratification Rewards’, where FlyKLIA also rewards you for registering, planning, writing and sharing.


What is Instant Gratification Rewards?
The program is part of the ‘My Passport to Brag’ contest, that instantly rewards you when you brag (or take part in the contest) about your travels on All you need to do is just register yourself on the site, use the trip planner, write your article, and then share it on FB.

You’ll instantly be rewarded with exclusive FlyKLIA passport holders, Mitsui Outlet Park vouchers, Eraman Duty-free vouchers and KLIA Express tickets (one way). So whenever you complete a task, the specific reward stamp will light up. Once done, just e-mail your full name, mobile number and home address to, and your rewards will be delivered to you. Check out the full terms and conditions here.

Ho Chi Minh City

Here I am, enjoying a leisurely cruise along the Mekong River in Ho Chi Minh City. Bragged about it here, and on!

So what are you waiting for? Write and share away, and walk away with instant prizes, and a chance to win another trip — so that you can write and share some more. I’ve done mine! For more information, and to take part, head over to

* Please note that the ‘My Passport to Brag’ contest runs from now (date of post) till the 6th March 2018 on, and not on this site. Terms and conditions apply.

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