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Fun Rewards with the MyDigi App (Ad)

Being in the movie business, I’ve always made it a point to watch as many movies as I can to get inspiration and ideas — and there really is nothing like watching it on the big screen for full effect. The local Malaysian movie that I produced and co-wrote (and cameo-ed in) will be out in the cinemas this year (we’re aiming for the third-quarter of 2018), and I can’t wait to watch all our imagination and hard work come to life! Look out for “Suatu Ketika” when it gets released in Malaysian cinemas, and hopefully worldwide.

But in the meantime, Hollywood blockbuster films like the Marvel superhero movies, Pacific Rim and Jurassic Park are in my must-see list this year. And because I have a whole bunch of movies to watch, a special rate will definitely help with the budget — now that’s where the MyDigi App comes in handy.


But First, What is the MyDigi App?
The MyDigi App is a great mobile app to control your Digi account. I’ll be honest — I’ve been a Digi user for years and have been using the app for quite awhile now, but I’ve only been using it to check my bill and my internet balance. I really have not explored nor discovered what the app can do until quite recently. I didn’t know that it can conveniently do other stuff for me when it comes to my phone — from itemizing my monthly bill, transferring and buying credit; to most importantly, skipping queues!

Greatest discovery of all though, are the awesome rewards and discounts from the MyDigi Monthly Rewards and Superdeals. What have I been missing all this while?


Thursday Special: GSC tickets for RM8.99 thanks to the MyDigi App.

What Has it Got to Do with My Movie-Watching Spree?
The MyDigi App offers MyDigi Superdeals, which are special rewards that offer vouchers and discounts for shopping, eating and entertainment in Malaysia. This has helped with my movie-watching spree because I recently claimed the MyDigi Superdeals promotion to watch a movie — Superdeals Thursday allows me to purchase a Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) ticket for only RM8.99. So yes, I’m going to watch movies every Thursday from now on!

There are plenty of other awesome deals for different days of the week as well, so download (update) the app here and check it out on a daily basis — you never know what you might find.


Great travel rewards up for grabs too!

It Gives Me Discounts for My Travels Too
Now, what kind of other rewards can you get with the MyDigi App, and how does it relate to travel? Well, all thanks to the MyDigi Rewards, I also recently claimed and booked accommodations for my upcoming getaway on Agoda with an 8% and 10% (with app) discount — saves on that travel budget a whole lot, really.

And if you’re traveling around Malaysia and looking for fun places to visit, there are monthly rewards for restaurants, hotels and local attractions too — discounted tickets to theme parks like Sunway Lagoon and Lost World of Tambun, just to name a few.


Enjoying MyDigi rewards at GSC!

So if you’re looking for fun rewards and discounts for your some of your travels, download the MyDigi App and check out what other stuff they have to offer –> here!

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