Vlog #20: Hokkaido Summer Road Trip to the Noboribetsu Onsen Town

I got to visit yet another onsen town in Japan, and this time it is at one of Hokkaido’s most popular hot springs area — Noboribetsu. The town is also known as the hell valley due to the smoking heat of the nearby Jigokudani hot springs; and the main figure of the town are little demons, as well as a demon God! We arrived in the evening under pouring rain, but the weather cleared up the day after so we had a wonderful time exploring the hot springs and warm river waters. This is the second stop of our summer road trip around Hokkaido; and this vlog is the second part of a three-part series of our tour. Don’t forget to like the video, and subscribe to the channel for more of the road trip… and thanks for watching!

Read about my Hokkaido summer road trip and visit to Noboribetsu here:-
A Day in Hell at the Onsen Town of Noboribetsu
Hokkaido Summer Road Trip

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