Travel Video: Learning the Basics of Kitesurfing!

It was fun watching other people learn how to kitesurf under the hot sun by the windy beach! I wish I had the chance to join my sister and hubby on their first time trying out the action sport of kitesurfing — but being heavily pregnant, I had to sit out on this experience. I will have to say it looked like a difficult sport with many techniques to learn — and by the the end of the few hours that day, they only did as far as controlling the kite on land and in water. The rest of the skills will have to be for another day! Now, if you’re interested in learning kitesurfing (or just to test it out) as well, one of the best places in Malaysia to do that is at Balok Beach in Kuantan. Here’s a short video snippet of their kitesurfing experience.

Read more about the kitesurfing experience and other details here:- Learning Kitesurfing at Balok Beach, Kuantan.

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